Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{the act of balance...




Sunshine & Happiness: Juicy Good Time, Petal Power, Popsicle Kisses, Happy Clouds
Sophisticates: Punch, Calendars
Sophisticates High Five Alphabets: Black-White, Blue, Pink-Red, Yellow
Chio Chip Versatile Elements: Stars & Hearts
Designer Tape: Teal Stripe


Kim said...

I love this Megan...it is definitely a balancing act! And you do it wonderfully ;) Thanks for all the inspiration & motivation. Someday I will say I am a runner too ;)

Diana Waite said...

ABSOLUTELY lovely!! I SO love this!!

em said...

I really love this. :)

leah said...

That's what life's about. I feel the same! GREAT layout! Fun with the piechart! ^_^

Shelley Haganman said...

In a word....amazing!

julie said...

ok well this LO is absolutely incredible, megan!! no wonder it has inspired the jbs girls to scrap!

celine navarro said...

I absolutely LOVe this layout! :)

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