Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{wishlist wednesday...pounding the pavement...

This week on my list wish is: races that I'd like to complete this summer...

I started reading this: Run Like A Mother. It's a great book so far & it gets me all pumped up and believing that one day {hopefully next year} I will run a 1/2 marathon!
Grab it,it's a good one!

I have a few smash books in my collection, but the black one I have dedicted to a race bib book. A place to put them all in and write a few notes about the races...


The Races I'm looking into for this year:

March 17- St Patricks Day - 5k - Completed & ran the whole way! Woot!
May 13 - Quad Cities Distance Classic - 5k
June 2 - Rhubarb Run - 5k
June 9 - Race for the Cure - 5k
June 23 - Run for the Hills XC - 5k
July 4 - Firecraker Run - 5k {this one has a 10k - maybe just maybe I'll try that!}
July 28 - Bix 7 - 7 miles
Sept 23 - QC Marathon - 5k
Nov - Park View XC - 4 miles {this was a blast last year: see HERE}

I'd love to do at least one a month, but we'll have to see what other ones come up.
Any local gals interested in joining me for any of these let me know! {}

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Mindy said...

What a great idea for the smash book ... I admire you for running .. tried to get into it a couple different times but I'm not good at it. Still want to but finding the time around Here is HARD ... too many little ones and my hubby has been working super long hours ... maybe I'll look into that book you recommended. Good lu k with your running!

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