Thursday, March 29, 2012

{two years ago today...

**Caution...lots of photos ahead**
We welcomed this precious little girl into our lives...


- I remember being SO excited & nervous that Monday morning as we drove to the hospital to be induced.
- I remember the nurse saying they may have to send me home because they had so many moms come in throughout the night.
- I remember saying "I ain't going anywhere! I'm here. Let's do this." :0)
- I remember knowing the boys were in the waiting room waiting for their little sister to arrive.
- I remember the moment they walked into the room to meet her for the first time. What an amazing moment!
- I remember having to stay an extra day in the hospital because Ella need to be there a bit longer.
- I remember thinking I was going to break us out of that room! I wanted to be home!


- I remember Ella sleeping through the night at 3 weeks & thinking heck yes! We got so lucky with this one.
- I remember how proud the boys were to help me with Ella in the mornings before school.
- I remember how Aaron would look at her when he rocked her.

{6 weeks}

{10 weeks}

- I remember taking Ella fishing for the first time the morning before this shoot.
- I remember my mom thinking it took for ever to take pictures of a baby. Yep! & lots of patience too! :0)

{6 months}

{7 months}

{8 months}

- I remember this was the day you spent with Nana while mommy worked.
- I remember how easily you always smiled.
- I remember how I thought your hair was so long here!


- I remember it was sprinkling out when we took this, but you didn't care. You love to be outside!

{9 months}

- I remember this being the craziest photo shoot yet! You were not interested. Thanks to your big brother Coe & some cheerios we got a few memorable shots.

{11 months}

- I remember this was the day you took your first steps!

{one year}

- I remember daddy helping with this shoot. It was only about 20 minutes long. "No more pics mom! I can walk away now remember!" :0)


{15 months}



- I remember daddy saying "really a dress to take a walk". Yes Daddy!

{17 months}

- I remember loving the fact that these boots made it through both of your brothers & are now yours.


- I remember this was the night we went on a hayrack ride at Nana & Papa's. We had caramel apples and soup and had so much fun with all of our cousins!




- I remember this was your first time carving pumpkins.
- I remember loving seeing you in Coe's old coat.

{21 months}

- I remember how stinkin cute you looked all bundled up as we headed out to "school" a.k.a daycare.



I hope you always remember how much mommy & daddy love you! Happy Birthday sweetheart!


hobbemom said...


Kim said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! Just one random question: on your watermark in the last picture, what font is that??? Happy Birthday E!!!

Besthobbyeva said...

What totally awesome pictures and such awesome memories!! Happy Birthday!!


Diana Waite said...

she is a DOLL!! Happy Birthday to Ms. Ella!

ckmom78 said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Penny Smith said...

You DO take the best photos! What a lucky, beautiful lil girl! And I can not BELIEVE she is TWO!! No way! :)

I (bold that) remember three is worse than 2. ;P

Shelley Haganman said...

STUNNING photos Megan! Happy birthday Ella!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

wow - a.mazing photos Megan. She is a DOLL!

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