Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{wish list wednesday...

I'm wishing for more time to camp this year...

A few years back Aaron & the boys created a camping spot back in our timber. It's perfect because we are far enough from the house, but close enough to run back if need be.
This is our camp...


If you know me personally, you know that I'm not the best cook. Therefore my husband is amazing and does most of it. But, when were are camping, dutch oven cooking is my thing. I LOVE it! The kids love it. They eat so much better when we're outside. Why is that?

{photo source}

My favorite recipe:

Dutch Oven Potatoes

12" Camp Dutch Oven
1 large potato per person
1/2 onion per person {we don't always use quite that much}
1-1.5 pounds of bacon
1 pound shredded medium cheddar cheese
Salt & Pepper

Cut the bacon into small squares & line the bottom of your 12" Dutch Oven. Cook bacon until about half done, then add the onions & potatoes. Potatoes should be sliced evenly to about bit-sized & about 1/4" think so that they will break up during cooking. If you want max. potatoes per pot, heap them to the brim, as they will cook down. Salt & Pepper to taste. Put on lid & place oven on a full bed of gray coals. When pot ingredients have heated up, pull a third of the coals from bottom & place on top around the edge of the lid. Check the ingredients every 20 min or so to insure they don't burn. Cook until they are fork tender, unusually about 45 minutes. Add shredded cheese, cover until melted & serve.

{Source: Camp Dutch Oven Cooking 101 - my favorite dutch oven cookbook}

These are ALWAYS on the menu when we go camping. We usually have enough left over to add pork sausage & eggs to in the morning for a quick & warm breakfast.

Do you have a favorite camp recipe?

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