Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{wish list wednesday...

I'm on a mission to get me a new pair of running shoes and I'm loving all of these...



These purple ones flippin rock...just saying...

And I would totally wear these...heck yay!

I guess first I need to go be officially fitted, but man I hope I can get some cool looking ones and not just some plain old boring white ones. A girls gotta look good running ya know!
What's your favorite running shoe?


Gwen said...

ooh... I'm an Asics girl and those turquoise ones just went on my wish list. Love them!

The Grissoms' Page said...

ooh, I LOVE that last pair...but I think I am gonna stick with Brooks for comfort, if not looks - we'll see though since I am also in line for a new pair! :)

Melissa Stinson said...

I'm one of those crazy people who runs in Vibram Five Fingers (the toe shoes). I love them!

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