Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stamps for Sale :: Studio Calico

I'm sure I'm not the only one who lets my creative space turn into a catch all. I tend to pull the product I need to use & take it upstairs and work there. Which results into my room looking like this over time. Yikes! Good thing it's in the basement where no one sees it!

After a bit of organizing & parting ways with a few things today it looks like this :

Among a few things that I have packed away for my next LSS scrapbooking yardsale, I came across the below stamps.

It made me realize how long it has been since I had an SC box come to my door.
Back in the day when mle was there. So love her work!
Long story short, I have a few stamps that I have either never used or only used lighting & am offering them for sale below.

Guidlines :: 
* US shipping only. Sorry to disappoint. 
* Payment : Paypal
* All prices include shipping. I will combine and make a better deal if you want more than one.
* Email me at (or comment below) to get the one you want. If you comment below, I MUST have an email or way to contact you. 
* Payment is due via Paypal within 24 hours or it will be offered to someone else.

I think that should cover it right?

SOLD #1 YOU ARE HERE : $5.00 (New) SOLD

#2 PUMPKINS : $5.00 (New)


SOLD #4 Book Shelf : $6.00 (New) SOLD

SOLD #5 Apples : $5.00  (New) SOLD

SOLD #6 Alphabet set : $12.00  (New) SOLD

#7 Round Frame : $5.00 (New)

SOLD #8 Labels set : $10.00  (Used lightly) SOLD

#9 Globe : $5.00  (New)

 SOLD #10 KooKoo Clock : $5.00  (Used lightly) SOLD

SOLD #11 Number set : $5.00  (Used lightly) SOLD

SOLD #12 Woodgrain Background : $12.00  (New) SOLD

#13 Moon : $5.00  (New)

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