Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amanda Johnson :: Blog Design

Amanda is a busy mommy of 3 and is working on getting back into the groove of crafting after her new littlest. She contacted me about revamping her blog & I was glad to help. She wanted a fresh clean look & after searching through her pinterest pins, we discovered we could totally we hang out. You know the saying :: "According to your pins, we could totally we friends IRL." LOL! I love that we can connect with so many wonderful people through this industry!
So, my design process for Amanda's blog went something like this: 

So much beautiful design in this photo; not to mention the adorable baby...

This is a project I now have on my to-do list with my boys this summer. How fun would this be on the front of their fort. Awesomesauce!

From there, I created this for my color palette (which when I sent it to Amanda she mentioned was very close to her scraproom colors - so cool!) :
The final design I put together for her blog header looks like this :
Be sure and head on over to Amanda's blog to check out the complete look!
Thank you Amanda for allowing me to be a part of your creative re-start!


Amanda Johnson said...

Ok...this is just weird! lol. That photo of the tree rings is my absolute favorite!! I am super inspired by it and totally plan on doing it with the girls this summer!! You did a great job!! I love it :)

Debby said...

Another stunner! Love the colours and the thought process :)

Judith said...

It is so much fun to read about the process of designing. The blog layout is very nice and fresh!

danielle said...

love all those pictures! I saved the first one for my home inspiration board!

Janelle Shultz said...

holy smokes...awesomesauce is right on girl! that inspo photo is AH-MAZING!

Wida said...

you are just the best. the end

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