Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blog Designing: Part 3 & 4....

I have been playing a with a few other blogs and am having a ball doing it. 
The first one was for a fellow member of the The Scrapbooking Studio Design team {Bloomington}.
Her name is Malika Kelly & she has a great scrapbooking style. 
I created her banner based on her fun style: 


The next one was for a friend who has started an amazing cooking blog, called Cowboy Boots & an Apron. We're still tweaking that one a bit. Her recipes make me wish I actually knew how to cook! Definitely going to be showing it to my hubby so he can try something new. Hee!


If you missed the last two blogs I helped spruce up, check them out here & here.

1 comment:

Wida said...

I am salivating at this post. excuse me while I go get a napkin to dry my chin. Your talent is unmatched...I started scrapbooking again. Thanks for the push. It was you and that beautiful Studio Calico site that made me pick up my photos again :)

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