Thursday, March 31, 2011

{it's been an honor...

Photobucket have been a part of The Story Matters. I have gained so many friendships because of it. It was my first kit club dt...& my first co-coordinator experience. I will miss the fun kits each month. I will miss cutting up Charlene's fun buttons each month. {Hee! Charlene always gave me a hard time for cutting them up, but I LOVED that you could do that!} I will miss the gals I got to design along side of.
{I'll miss you all...penny, kim, mandykay, shelley, amy, tania, michelle, bree, laine, candy, andrea...eek..did I miss anyone?}
It has been such a fun experience.

But please be sure and keep updated with the upcoming events over at TSM. Rumor has it, they have some wonderful new things on the horizon!
Thank you to everyone at The Story Matters!!!


Shelley Haganman said...

I am going to miss you too! Don't worry though I will continue to "stalk"...I mean follow your blog and all you are up to!!! :)

Charlene E. said...

Every time I accidently break a button I will think of you. My daughter says to just save them and send them to you!

Penny Smith said...

I think I missed this post on purpose... I am in DENIAL! LOL!

I miss you-even if we do still talk. But with TSM, I had an excuse to bug you all the time!! LOL!

Your so talented! I expect a spot on SC SOON!

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