Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Countdown to Christmas :: Days Six - Eight

Playing a bit of weekend catch up.
Friday the kids found "elfie" had tp'd the Christmas tree. That evening we all rode along to sell the coon hides the boys have been trapping and then ordered pizza and drove around and looked at Christmas lights.
Saturday I spent the day doing some much needed Christmas shopping so daddy was in charge of keeping the kids busy and he took Chase deer hunting. Elfie was much harder to find today hiding under a glass in the cupboard.
Sunday the stinkin Elf unwrapped the Christmas presents I had worked so hard wrapping the night before.
We had a beautiful snow so we all went out to enjoy a bit of sledding behind the Ranger. Our activity for the day was to string popcorn. Coe wasn't impressed. Ella just ate it, but Chase loved it. He said "my favorite food turned into an art project. Awesome." LOL!

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