Sunday, December 22, 2013

Countdown to Christmas :: Day Twenty-One & Twenty-Two

Yesterday I failed to get a photo of Elfie but I got to spend the day capturing kiddos from around or community with the big guy himself ~ Santa!

I fell asleep early last night after an exhausting fun day with Santa. Luckily my hubby rocks and took over and Elfie was found hiding between the cereal this am.
Today's activity was to PLAY IN THE SNOW (of course)! Aaron & I did a bit of coyote calling this morning and although we didn't call one up it was nice to sit in a quiet field by ourselves.
After lunch we bundled up and went sledding, pulled the boys behind the ranger, played king of the moutain, and finished it off with hot cocoa. There's ribs on the smoker and we have a date with my fave show Alaska the Last Frontier tonight. Only 3 more sleeps until Christmas! Woohoo!

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