Sunday, December 15, 2013

Countdown to Christmas :: Day thirteen & fourteen

Friday morning "elfie" was taking it easy with a few bandages and ibuprofen after his fall from the zip line on Thursday. Friday night's activity with the kids was replaced with a night out for mommy with some friends from high school. We made a few stops and did some caroling for some special people.

Saturday morning the kids found "elfie" had drawn a self portrait in the kitchen. It was also the day of our annual "sisters" brunch. The kids get to come once they are in high school (or if they are under one). We eat, open presents, watch old home videos, and eat again. It's such a fun and relaxing day!
Our activity for last night was to make candy cane reindeer. We had a few extra "kids" to help us this time. You're never to old to do kid crafts!

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