Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today I turn 33 :: My Everyday Life

This is us & I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I'm thankful for each and every day I get to spend with them

The boys went back to school this morning! 
(Pics of that coming soon)
Ella & I are off to go junkin & to my LSS today with my Mom to celebrate!
(^^^ To celebrate my bday; not the back to school thing. LOL! Well, maybe a bit of both. Hee!)


Amy Cannon said...

Happy Birthday!!! Great family pic!

Diana Waite said...

Happy birthday to you--ENJOY your day!!

Shelley Haganman said...

Can't think of a better thing to do on ones birthday than junking! I hope it was a great day! FYI What Cheer Flea Market is this weekend as is the Kane County flea market in Illinois! I like to enable! :)

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday!

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