Thursday, August 15, 2013

Maney the Monarch :: Bella Blvd

Back on July 23rd we found this little guy while pulling carrots in our garden. 

Coe just knew it was a Monarch & I wasn't going to second guess him as I had no idea & well he looked like the image we found via google.

Fast forward a bit and our cute little Maney turned into this...
It was at this point we were thinking hmmm... he's either not a Monarch or he didn't make it. 
I just couldn't throw him out so we kept watch for a little over a week.

Low & behold! We found this beauty last Sunday Morning after we were gone camping. 
He is beautiful and is actually a Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

My Facebook post from this past Monday :: 
Good-bye Maney (the not) Monarch. 
We took him outside this morning and after exploring the flowerbed a bit we decided to take a picture of him & the kids before school. Well, while I was herding the kids in one spot he flew like a mad man off of Coe's finger... over the barn & out into the pasture to be free! Even he runs when I say "let's do a quick group picture". Bahaha! Live free Maney.

 Simply Beautiful!


Judith said...

Nature is breathtaking!
Your pictures are beautiful too!

Leanne said...

I absolutely adore this LO and the story behind it!! So gorgeous..x

Tyra Babington said...

Beautiful layout and story :)

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