Tuesday, June 25, 2013

around here :: Farm Happenings

Am I the only one who gets stuck in a creative slump?
While I hope it passes soon, I have been turning my focus on my garden, kiddos, & learning to keep up with everyday life.

Around here, the mulberry trees are full of plump tiny berries. We usually just pick a few and eat them as we go, but this year we used them to make jam for the first time. 

Introducing the Mulberry Monster ...

I chose a recipe using strawberries with these as well & it will be really good on biscuits I think!

Another batch of the strawberry-rhubarb jam went into the freezer as well.

Somebody is pretty proud of her new chore boots. ;)

Monday morning breakfast :: using up some passed due bananas

I won't claim to have a green thumb because I really really don't. But, I am doing my best to get there. I love to have flowers in bloom & watching the garden progress.







(pole beans)

(snap peas)


(peanut plants)

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Chelsea S. said...

Your garden looks great!

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