Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Printables :: Megan Klauer Design Etsy

New Printables in my Etsy Shop! Bright and cheerful colors. Bring on Spring!

CLICK HERE : March Printables

CLICK HERE : April Printables

ETA: Today's #EverydayMoment Photo

Today my Everyday Moment photo is the office I have worked at since just out of High School. I am so blessed to work for my Father in Law. Working here has given me so much freedom with my schedule & my kids. I brought each of my kids with me to work until they turned one. There have been birthday cupcakes shared here, books read to my kids via grandpa, lots of lunches with my FIL, lots of "family moments" and lots of changes through the years. As change comes with everything in life; I'm gonna miss it here. 


Nicole said...

Okay, you know how I feel about them! ;) :) These are awesome, Megan! Keep 'em coming!

SorayaMaes (So.Creative) said...

I think I'm in LOVe! I need to get my hands on your gorgeous creations!! Consider me like one of your new customer (and fan) :)

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