Friday, March 22, 2013

Day in the Life :: 3.21.13 Edition

Yesterday I posted this challenge to my facebook friends:

Who wants to take a challenge with me today? Come do "A Day in the Life". It's something started by scrapbooker/designer Ali Edwards Design and I have done her "week in the life" in the past which I love. This challenge is easy. Simply choose one day (like TODAY) and capture your day. Think of those everyday moments. The little things. Like what you ate for breakfast, your everday routine, your to do list, etc. I'll be sharing my day tomorrow on my blog.
Get inspired to capture life : ready & GO ...

It was a great day to take this challenge myself & while we didn't do anything extra ordinary during the say, the boys were home for spring break & we got a head start on their new chore chart. Oh the excitement. LOL! 
Welcome to our day ::

Breakfast & waking up slowly today.

Some much needed coffee & a blog update. 

Breakfast for me & uploaded a few photos for a local QDMA Chapter.

I worked from home today so I had my phone & notepad ready.

Some quiet play while Coe is still sleeping and Ella watched her favorite show :: Sponge Bob.

MineCraft :: Any other parents out there think this game is a bit addicting?
My boys wake up and run to their darn Kindles.
 Hmm.... now that I think about it; it's sort of like me & Facebook. LOL!

Little Miss working on the potty training adventures.

We got the Easter stuff out and the kids had fun playing with the plastic eggs.

We sifted out 30 that actually had both halves and put Ella in charge of washing them up for this weekends Easter Egg hunt at Nana & Papa's.

In anticipation of being home this Summer I have been looking for a chore chart that will "work" for us. In all honesty as much as the boys complain about having chores, they love having a chart. It's like completing a goal & at the end of the week there may be a small allowance involved.
This chart comes from Ali Edwards blog post HERE & was adjusted to our needs.

Ella got a few "jobs" as well. Like wiping the condensation off her bedroom windows. 

ETA ::
Tip Time ::
Try taking your photos from different angles and use the surroundings to tell the story.
The top photo shows that not only is Ella cleaning windows, but she is cleanging the windows in HER room. It shows a few of her toys in the background that will become a memory in themselves one day. It also gives you a better idea of her height next to her windows. It wasn't to long ago I had to have a little step stool for her so she could see the chickens from that window. See, the everyday little moments... are you capturing them today?

LOL! Not sure what Chase's face is about in the below picture, but cracks me up.

My picture order came! I love when the UPS or FedEx truck stops by. :)
I love the quality of MPIX for my printing needs.

Good Morning Sunshine printable available here : Megan Klauer Design Etsy

Ella decided playing in the tote of eggs was way more fun that the whole cleaning thing.

Lunch time!

I worked on putting my photos into their place in my PL album.
Now the fun part of embellishing & journaling. I really love this whole process!

Quiet time for the kids while I make lunch. Some how our bedroom has become the hangout spot in the house lately.

When shooting indoors I make sure I have as many shades open as I can so I can take advantage of as much light as possible.

We Mommy decided we needed to make some cookies. We were short one egg so Coe ran out to the coop and snagged one literally from under one of the hens. Now THAT'S a fresh egg. Hee!

My mom, myself, & some friends went to dinner and a show in honor of my Mom's Birthday. 
Mexican Food for supper - My favorite!

The show was a stand up comedian named : Etta May. If you ever have the chance to see her or watch her on tv, DO! We laughed so hard! 

What a wonderful day in my "Everyday Life". I encourage you to capture yours today!


noomiy said...

Love your day in photos!
And also love Ella, she's such a cute peach pie! :x

Amanda Johnson said...

This is awesome! I so need to do this! Also think you should share some photography tips! Your photos are gorgeous! Where do you order prints from, the quality looks fabulous!

Andrea said...

this was awesome and I just love your photos :)

Kim said...

I love your chore chart. I saw Ali's your day in the life and need to go and purchase your good morning sunshine!!! I am not sure if you saw my 'pin' on pinterest but after many different chore charts over the years and some have worked, and some haven't, this has worked for us:

Love your Day in the Life! Thanks for sharing your day.

Leanne said...

Such a fun idea! Thanks for inspiring me..x

Penny Smith said...

Minecraft has been a fixture and part of our household for over 2 years now. I am sorry to say, it doesn't get better. My 12 year old son now hosts a server. :) But they play on the computers and do all the interactive online stuff (hint: letting them on a regular computer just fans the fire in comparison to the app!) At least their creating and building (I tell myself)

The Grissoms' Page said...

I'm so glad I checked out your blog today...I love the chore chart and your day looked so fun! Thanks for the photo tips...I gotta get my camera out -- I think it must be dusty from lack of use.

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