Monday, February 27, 2012

{isat testing & cool cat...

Today starts a big week for Coe & the rest of his 3rd grade class. It is ISAT week. They have been talking and preparing for awhile now for these tests. I remember dreading them when I was little. A whole day/week of nothing but testing....ugh! But, I have to say his teachers and principle have done an awesome job of pumping these kids up. They have been doing a fun cheer & even got to march around and "sing" it for the younger classes.

Coe is also this weeks "Cool Cat" in his class room. Which means he is the line leader and gets to pass out all the papers, etc. for the whole week. And he is even more excited that it is ISAT week because that means ALOT of papers to pass out and pick up! LOL!
I get to go to his class room this week as well and tell them a little bit about Coe. He gets to send pictures to display & is to bring 3 things that he feels best shows who he is. He has chose to bring his Indian hatchet he found a couple of years ago on our farm, his buck skull mount from this year, & his trophy that he won doing an archery competition. I'm hoping to take some pictures while we're there.

We decided he needed something to share with the class to get the week started. We picked up some pencils at Walmart {$.50 for 10 of them}


I wanted something simple to put on them; maybe a "good luck" tag. So, I googled "ISAT" in the hopes of finding something with all the oval circles, but came across this awesomeness...


Printed them on plain card stock, and tied them to two pencils with some twine I had in my stash.



Something fun for the kids for under $ that's Rockin. :0)

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curlyqmosaics said...

Very cool! Great image you found!!!

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