Thursday, June 10, 2010

{dew worm hunting...yes, I said worm hunting...

Photobucket really is so much fun! I can remember going dew worm hunting with my dad when I was little before he'd go on his annual fishing trip. Tonight was a perfect evening for it...nice & warm and the ground was soggy from the afternoon rain we had gotten. My niece was spending the night, so we thought we'd show her how it was done. She wasn't too sure about it at first, but once she caught a few she was giggling and having a ball right along side the boys.



{this one is totally blurry, but I love how it shows how fast they have to move to try to catch those slimy creatures!}

And the best part of all...
...convincing my niece we were going to take them in & fry them up for an evening snack. Hee! Hee! City girl! :0)


The Grissoms' Page said...

This looks like you guys had so much fun!! Your unnamed niece probably didn't realize you mixed the worms in with her scrambled eggs this morning, eh? :)

A splash of Sherry said...

haha This makes me think of a funny story your Mom told about Coe when he was little. Guess he doesn't mind those worms now. I loved dew worm hunting. Fun stuff.

laterg8r said...

hilarious - looks like they had a blast :D

Keshka said...

What an adventure!

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