Sunday, February 15, 2009

{boot camp...

Coe had an Army birthday party this last year. The invite shown on the page can be viewed HERE.
Needless to say, it poured down rain that night and we weren't able to do any of the outdoor activites or have the campout, but the kids had a ball running in the rain and yes, getting all muddy. I have lots more pics from this to scrap yet...maybe another day.


ckmom78 said...

what a fun party & love how you incorporated the invite in the page!!

i think you are secretly challenging me to scrap with my new products even though you aren't doing it on purpose ;)

pardonmycaboose said...

this is such a cute idea. To bad it had to rain. great job! Speaking of great job....I see your mud bath page is the featured project in this weeks IRW project worksheet. CONGRATS!

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