Friday, April 18, 2014

Custom Ombree Letters :: A Tutorial

I recently created a tutorial for My Creative Scrapbook Kit Club. Here's a look into how I created custom ombre letters :: {Go HERE to see the finish project}
I choose 2 mists, a yellow & an orange which are really pretty similiar when watered down.

 I sprayed the mist in a plastic product container (this was actually from the wood veneers also in the Limited Edition kit).

 Using a paint brush I applied a bit of color to the left hand side. Just a small bit to start. I then used straight water and allowed the color to bleed to the left (just like you would with watercoloring).

 As needed I added more color to the left and again worked on fading towards the right until I got just the look I wanted.
(insert IMG_3589)
Again, something so simple yet a great way to extend your supplies and get a variation of results based on your color scheme.

 Here I have them all together on my page to create a bold unique title.


Fresh Delight said...

I love the different colors on the letter stickers so so much! What a lovely idea :)

Leanne said...


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