Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Fresh Cut Tree :: My Everyday Life

I love the idea of getting a fresh cut Christmas tree but hate the idea of the needles everywhere. Tonight we set out to find an evergreen tree on our farm; one we could leave outside and decorate for the birds. I knew we wouldn't come up with a pine tree, but the over grown "charlie brown" cedar tree we found will work just fine. After finding it the perfect place in my new box from Irish Acres Antiques we went to the basement to retrieve our indoor tree and the rest of the ornaments. While doing so the boys found a wrapped present in one of the totes. It must have been left from last year. ??? Inside they found an elf (on the shelf). Coe was immediately freaked out by how he got down there and Chase couldn't wait to read the story. Ella was mad because she didn't get to rip enough of the wrapping paper. LOL! They named him "Elfie" and he is setting in Chase's room. The boys are both convinced they are going to come up with a way to video tape him throughout the night. I apologize in advance for the on slot of photos that will be occurring here over the next month. :)

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