Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Potty Training Blues :: Crate Paper

It's Creative Weekly time on the Crate Paper blog!
Check out the inspiration we got to jump start from this month:

Just one glance at Pinterest, and within a matter of seconds, a breathtaking "color assembly" steals your attention. Sound familiar? Happens to us all. the. time. Color compilations are the spice of life. Based on any number of factors, their creation is the ultimate means at which to see color through "designer" eyes. They're inspiring, to say the least, and each is as unique as the designer who created it. So, pinning them is a must.  
That said, we put our design team to the task of conjuring up a project around the idea of a "color assembly"; taking varying values of just one color and collage it. Easy peasy. 
And incase you're waiting for the usual CW Challenge details, here ya go!
- Fresh Handmade Wares encouraged - at least 75% Crate Paper goods (old and new).
- An Original Design following this week's CW theme; Color Collage (One Color in varying tints & shades - collage composition)
- Winner & Runner-Ups published at Crate blog. Supply a blog link if applicable.
- Open to most project types; layout, mini album, card, etc.
- Submission deadline is May 6th, 2013 (5:00pm Central Time) -
- Winner will announce on May 7th, 2013.  Late Submissions will not be accepted.
- Prize: The Pier - all of it!

I went with a "blue" theme for mine...

1 comment:

Andrea said...

aww what a cool layout!!! So awesome. I love how you found all the neat coordinating blues from CP!

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