Thursday, January 5, 2012

{the truth's time to get into shape...

...I usually don't post "me" stuff on my blog very often. But, with the New Year upon us, everyone is in the "get in shape" mood and I'm right there with ya. I started running last summer and I have been working on it ever since. I have a long way to go until I get where I want to be, but the truth is, I've come a long way too. {I need to tell myself this more often.}

My Christmas present this year was an iPod touch. I was super excited about the option of adding an Nike+ Chip to my running routine. This is the coolest thing ever and under 20 bucks!


You put it in your shoe {if you have the Nike shoes} or if you wear a different brand shoe you can just buy a holder for it on Amazon. It talks to your iPod {or iPhone} while you're running. Then if you're an iPod user; when you get home you just upload the information from your run to the Nike + website!



The website also lets you set goals for yourself. Mine is to run 30 miles in the month of Jan. Everytime I upload my run info it tells me how many more miles I need to do to reach my goal. Awesome!!!

Okay, {deep breath} this is my current weight & body shape. I could point out lots of "to fix" spots, but I'll skip over that.
Hopefully in a few months I'll be back with a few pics of a little less me!




Best of luck to all of you who are taking on fitness challenges of your own!


Amy Coose said...

OK, do you want me to not like you anymore??? ;) I think you look awesome, and congrats for taking the time to care for yourself. I will have to look into that app, although right now I'm lucky if I get in a shower so working out might not happen for a bit.

Shelley Haganman said...

I don't think there is anything to look great!! You go girl!

Diana Waite said...

good for you! I was wondering about that chip thing...I'm not much of a runner--more of a class taker, but I try every Friday to fit it in. This just might make me honest and do it! :)

Amy said...

I think you look great!!! Thanks for sharing! It really motivates me to get back into running! I started in December but had a good 3 weeks of being ill and finally getting my energy back. Keep on inspiring!!!

The Grissoms' Page said...

Your so sexy!! (Can I say that on here?) I have wanted the Nike chip and Ipod FOREVER...your making me want to run out and get one right now! Congrats on staying is so hard this time of year!

Queen of Paper said...

ummmm.... wait... did you see my photos? can we switch? I'll totally take your thighs haha.

I'm so proud of you and for putting this out there. I think weight loss needs a sisterhood behind it and this was you giving back to your sista's.

I had no idea a photo can do this. SO COOL

Anonymous said...

okay - no comment - fitness for health yes but not to change that body.

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