Wednesday, September 2, 2009

{daily battle...

My submission for Angela's challenge over at The Story Matters... sure and check out the other dt layouts and take this month's challenge!

Out for Publication
Be back soon!


Mindy said...

So cute! Never buy one of anything -- now you'll have 3 fighting over the same stuff -- won't matter the age difference or boys or girls -- if one person has it, then everyone else wants it! Great lo!

Penny Smith said...

might be time to get another one... :)
Just sayin' :)

Fun LO! Great story to tell!

The Grissoms' Page said...

Great layout and fun story! I never have stories like that, with only havin one. . .unless WE want to fight for something like a construction spoon - she's got no one to fight with :-)

MeganAring said...

Love this layout. What a funny story, got to love sibling rivalry!

Christine said...

We have two plate/spoon sets ~ Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh ~ and you guessed it, with 3 they're always fighting over who gets them. I guess we might need to follow Penny's advice and get another, but I like having them sort out their conflict and learn that they don't always "win". :) Way to get the story down on paper, love it!

Emily Pitts said...

just saying hi, i may be the one who hasn't been around sc much, but i've missed you :) i love this layout, it cracks me up.

Penny Smith said...

OK girlie!
I haven't seen you around! How are you??
Feeling better?

Miss your inspo!
Do we all need to crop?

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