Monday, September 29, 2008

{A Week in My Life Challenge...

Okay, add another "to do" to my list of things. Ali Edwards is having a challenge on her blog right now to record your life for one week through pictures and words and then put a book together at the end of the week. I can't guarentee when I'll get the finished book done, but I am going to do my best to upload my pics and thoughts each day... so here goes nothin...

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Welcome to day 1:
Monday, September 29, 2008

Alarm goes off (snooze button)
Aaron comes in and tells me goodbye
Coe came in bed with us sometime throughout the night
*Woke up to cold rainy day*
Coe and I finally get out of bed after hitting the snooze a few times (I'm really not a morning person)
Coe picks out different clothes (he is going through the "picking his own clothes out stage")
Chase gets up and comes in the bathroom to scare me. (Getting to be a funny little thing the boys like to do to me in the mornings. ~ Again, not totally up; not a morning person)
Got the boys cereal, milk, and vitamins to eat while watching Curious George (Chase's fav).
Me: bath, dressed, make-up, brush teeth, etc
Boy's: finish breakfast, Chase gets dressed, brushed teeth, gather bookbags, and coats
Outside to wait on the bus.
Normally we stand out in the driveway, but on rainy days like today, we wait in the truck.
Coe got on the bus and off we went to take Chase to daycare.
At work, picture proofing, went out to lunch for tacos
Heading home to get Coe off the bus, meant Christina at McDonald's to drop off her canvas print and had a icecream cone while we were there. Yum! :0)
*For the record, I got there before Christina, that's why mine was pretty well gone. :0)
Coe off the bus, get soccer clothes out, make PB&J sandwiches for snack before soccer...pic of my truck/taxi before we go pick up Chase from daycare and then onto soccer
Soccer with friends
Back home, do the "inside part of supper" (DH made pork on the grill), upload/reload dishwasher, get boys in the shower, pick out the boys' clothes for tomorrow, help Coe with homework, read book, and tuck the boys in...

Wow! Day 1 was busier than what I thought!
Until tomorrow...

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ckmom78 said...

woo hoo-getting excited now:)

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